Stand out from the crowd with an Upside Down Christmas Tree

Upside Down Christmas Tree 2010/15

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An upside down Christmas tree will add a great Xmas feature to your home - and have everyone who visits you green with envy!

Upside down trees are very unusual - to say the least - and set you apart from everyone else with their standard artificial Xmas trees.

This appealing style of tree leaves you loads more space at the base of the tree for placing Christmas gifts, and also allows you to hang Christmas tree baubles, lights and decorations in a much more free and attractive way.

We have all the best UK prices for umbrella Xmas trees and pop up Christmas trees too -  another novel type of tree. Upside down Xmas tree prices range from around £50 for a cheap model to over £500 for top models.

Watch the Upside Down Tree video below and read more about them

Umbrella Christmas Tree - a great feature for your home at Xmas

An upside down Xmas tree may seem like a strange idea, but they are growing in popularity and are very fashionable indeed - you will really make a big impression with family and friends when they pay you a visit during the festive season.

An umbrella tree - sometimes known as a reversible tree - is really unusual and different and a real talking point, and the main reason why people really like these trees is that they take up considerably less floor space so there is a lot more room to put Christmas presents for children and other gifts underneath it.  

Because the large branches of these novel Christmas trees aren't at floor level they can easily fit between low furniture and so are a great space saving idea, especially useful in small houses and flats.

It is easy to hang items on this novel type of  Xmas trees -  shiny gold, silver, purple, red, blue and green Christmas baubles will hang much more freely and naturally and won’t get entangled in the branches below them, which is often the case with a normal real or artificial tree where the branches below the balls and other glass decorations are wider than those above.

Christmas tree lights, garlands and tinsel can also be displayed much more effectively on an umbrella Christmas tree.

Because of the way that the branches fall towards the middle of the tree, the decorations are less likely to fall off and you can more easily hang decorations at eye level too as the tree will be bushiest at this point if it is upside down - and everyone wants their Xmas tree to look its best!  

More decorations are hung near to the top of the tree and less are hanging down near the bottom. This means that they are less likely to be hit off by cats and other pets, or pulled by toddlers and young boys and girls. Christmas ornaments look much better hanging on this style of tree - they don't get caught up in the branches below and therefore can be shown off better in your home.

When these alternative Christmas trees first became popular a few years ago they were selling for really high prices - but these days they are available at much more affordable prices and you can buy a cheap upside down tree for around £30 to £40, whereas the same tree a couple of years ago would have cost nearer £200.

Reversible Trees means more floor space for Christmas presents

Most umbrella Yuletide trees come with a tough plastic or metal base stand that you can position the tree on, but some models of upside down Christmas tree can be suspended from the ceiling. Doing this will be really saving space as you can hang them above low pieces of furniture, but the biggest advantage must be that they are kept well out of the way of pets,babies and young kids. This means can hang up precious decorations without worrying about them getting broken.  However, you may have a bit of difficulty decorating a suspended upside down tree if you don't have a high ladder!

Some people, rather than buying a proper artificial upside down tree, have opted to hang their existing tree traditional tree the ceiling, but this is not always ideal and could create safety issues, and if the tree is not attached with approved attachments it could come crashing down.

If the idea of owning an upside down tree appeals to you, it’s probably wiser to buy a proper one and use your old style tree in a different room in your house or pass it on to someone else, or to a charity shop.

An upside down tree can still be decorated with the same decorations that you would use for a traditional tree. You might find that some of the hanging decorations like tinsel might drape down too far, but you can always secure it with wire or use something like angel hair or fake snow instead that might cling to the branches better.

The only thing you might miss out on is hanging a star on the top of an upside down tree, but you can always hang it on the bottom if you are hanging the tree from the ceiling! Upside down trees are available in various sizes including 3ft, 4ft, 5ft, 6dt, and 7ft. The most popular choices of colour are green, silver, gold, black, white and purple. Pre-lit fibre optic umbrella trees are very appealing and save all the hassle of adding coloured balls and Christmas lights separately.

If you’re the adventurous sort of person who like to try something different - why not turn Christmas on its head and buy a lovely upside down Christmas tree this year? Some umbrella Christmas tree come fully  assembled while others have several sections which need to be connected. Most of these trees are ‘bare’ and you need to add your own Christmas tree lights and baubles, while others are pre-lit and have some decorations already attached to the tree. As with a standard festive tree, an upside down tree has flexible branches which you can bend into the position you desire. Most have a fixed base but some have a revolving turntable feature built into them.

The meaning and history of the upside down tree which dates back to the Middle Ages when Christians in the 8th century saw it as representing the Holy Trinity and the shape of Jesus on the cross during the crucifixion.

Don’t forget to check out our pop up Christmas tree range from leading UK stores including Tesco, Argos, B&Q, Festive Lights, Amazon and Ebay. This is another exciting new type of Christmas tree which can be set up in seconds and is great for people with busy lifestyles.






Watch this video to see how a fully decorated Upside Down Tree looks